Innovative's Cleaning Systems

Innovative Commercial Cleaning employees a color coded cleaning system; our cleaning technicians can improve a facility’s healthfulness. Cleaning services technicians play a critical role in preventing cross-contamination. Effective cleaning reduces bacteria on equipment and surfaces; keyboards, phones, and restroom touch-points - frequent cleaning of these touch-points reduces cross-contamination.

The first step in reducing cross-contamination is to identify all of the touch points in an office environment. Any surface that is touched by more than one person can be a breeding ground. (Critical areas in office buildings include handrails, elevator buttons, tabletops and door push plates. Keyboards and phones in shared spaces are also repositories for germs.)

The key strategy from Innovative Commercial Cleaning is that we use color coded mops and microfibers. This simple system can be understood by non-English speakers. Our color-coded system prevents a mop transferring bacteria from the cafeteria to a classroom.

Innovative Commercial Cleaning
uses microfiber, which is a dense nylon material that can hold six times its weight in water — making it far more absorbent than cotton. The positively charged fibers attract dust and can penetrate the microscopic surface pores of most floor materials and other surfaces.

Color Coded Cleaning

Our Color Cleaning System combines superior cleaning technology with the productivity and sanitation benefits of visual coding. The results are improved performance, better sanitation and cleaner facilities.


Prevents Cross-Contamination


Simplifies Supply Management


Preserves Facility Assets


Elevates Employee Performance

Color-Coded Cleaning System

Black: High bacteria areas - sinks, faucets, door knobs, push plates, light switches, drinking fountains

Specialty cleaning, sinks, and general cleaning

General Cleaning, foodservice areas and kitchens

Windows, glass




Cross contamination occurs when bacteria is spread between people, food, surfaces and equipment. Responsible cleaning practices help avoid cross contamination, thereby minimizing the incidence of illness and disease.

Effective cleaning helps reduce absenteeism and saves the customer money by being prepared with a defensive cleaning measure for your facility.